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Within the Rotary family, there are actual 74 recognized International Rotary Fellowships : from antic Automobiles, Cycling, Diplomacy, Esperanto, Global History, Marathon, Photographers, Scuba Diving, Travel and hosting, Wine appreciation, to Yachting

With the registration of the first Fellowship, Rotary International recognized that common interests are a very special bond for friendship, opening additional opportunities for Rotarian ideas and projects with fellow Rotarians at national and international levels.


Rotary Club of Herentals in Belgium organized the first Rotary Cycling world Championships, with competitions in the following years.


Rotarians from Belgium and Denmark decided to form a regular Rotary Fellowship. FCS was officially recognized by Rotary International in Chicago/Evanston in the same year. Funds generated by registration fees and successful sponsoring are intended as prize money to the winners of the races for individual projects of their Rotary Clubs. Various projects of the organizing Rotary Clubs are supported as well.


the 4-Days started additional as FCS -springtime event- Cycling tours in different groups had been offered so long by over 25 cycling enthusiastic Rotary Clubs in different regions of Europe. The combination Cycling sport, culture, sightseeing and meeting the cycling Fellows established close friendships among all participants across all nationalities.

Meanwhile, FCS is represented on almost all continents. A special appreciation to the FCS-National Representatives, they are the linking bond to the members in all countries.

With the support of all participants, local Rotary Clubs and sponsors, numerous Rotary projects were realized in these 33 FCS years, local, regional, national and international : nethedal/Belgium, Cataract/Ethiopia, Hospital Massango/Burundi/Italy, maternal health/Africa/Austria, Stop polio now/worldwide, Disabled cycling/Salzburg, Hospice care, etc. to name just a few of the past years.

Unique cycling Tours were individual “Rotary-goals” were successful realized wih participation of FCS members :


Polio ride : Vladivistock/Russia-Scheveningen/NL


Centennial ride : Germany-Chicago -100 years of Rotary-


Rome-Mecca –bridging continents- and 2011 Amman – Rome –bridging people-

We are appreciating that even outside FCS Cycling To Serve is a preferred way to transport international Rotary projects “on bikes” and crown them with great success :


STOP POLIO NOW Tour bu RI-General Secretary John Hewko, in Arizona/USA.


Tour for “Polio & Healthy kids” by the German Governors crew 2013/2014


A Rotary team at the Race Across America omposed by FCS members


global bike tour for peace and goodwill by a Russian FCS member

Up to now : millions raised through “Ride to End Polio”