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2018 – Le Creusot

The Rotary “Cycling to Serve” World Championships in Le Creusot, France, just ended

The competitors gathered at the starting line on a 2.5km circuit, which served as a testing ground for trucks and large vehicles. This track was highly technical and exceptionally safe for racing. There were four separate races for men, with different age groups, along with a women’s race, all of which proceeded at an accelerating pace. All participating nations stood on the podium, even though the host nation, France, managed to secure three out of the five world titles up for grabs. The medalists received their well-deserved honors from the event’s sponsor, the friendly and readily available Bernard Thévenet, who had previously won the Tour de France twice (in 1975 and 1977).
This international event brought together 60 competitors who joined to raise funds for various social initiatives: battling illiteracy, backing an organization fighting hunger in Cambodia, and launching a local campaign using sports to prevent diseases.

More than 200 guests took part in a beautiful gala dinner where everyone shared experiences from the entire weekend, all in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie.

The 2019 “Cycling to Serve” World Championships will take place in Lochem, the Netherlands.