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The Race Across America End Polio Challenge 5.000 across the USA to raise funds to eradicate Polio with Kurt Matzler. Donate to that fabulous project !

Our Rotarian friend Kurt Matzler from Austria is on a new challenge this year by participating for the 4th time in the Race Across America… But this time, in solo that means 4,800 kms alone, in less than 12 days. He races again under the Team Name Rotary Raams Polio, supported by Bob McKenzie and many others that were in the team in the previous years.
Kurt not only achieves an exceptional physical and athletic performance but also a major action, like every year: his goal is to raise USD 1 million for End Polio again and to do so, they have established the RACE ACROSS AMERICA END POLIO CHALLENGE (see attachment) and above all the way to DONATE and support that incredible project !
Here is a link to the homepage and to a video message of the District Governor in Austria (in German with English subtitles) and a link to an article in the Rotary Magazine online (in German):

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