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34th World Championship in Le Creusot, France

The Rotary Cycling to Serve World Championships just ended. Participants and spectators, partners and friends still have plenty of stars in their eyes: races, the organization and the very sunny weather were in phase during this splendid weekend in Burgundy, more precisely in Le Creusot.

The competitors met up on the start line on a 2.5km loop, a test track for trucks and big cars, a very technical and very secure raceway. Four men races –different age-groups- as well as a women race were held at a very accelerated pace. Practically all the nations represented were distinguished to the podium … even if the host country, France, managed to glean 3 world titles out of the 5 titles put in. The medalists were honored of being rewarded by the sponsor of the event, the friendly and very available Bernard Thévenet, winner of the two Tour de France (1975 & 1977).

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This international event which brought together 60 competitors allowed fundraising to support different social projects: fight against illiteracy, support for an association fighting against hunger in Cambodia and a local action to prevent diseases through sport.

More than 200 guests took part in a beautiful gala dinner where everyone could share their experiences of the weekend, under friendship basis.

The 2019 Cycling to Serve World Championships will take place in Lochem, the Netherlands.

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