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Global Bike Tour

Ildus Yanyshev is a lawyer by education , Ambassador of Peace. He is the  member of the Rotary club of Kazan (since 2004), ex-deputy of the Kazan city council of the 2nd convocation 2010-2015,

the chairman of the Cyclist Association of the Republic of Tatarstan, the founder of the Center of Cycling culture “Velomania” and experienced international category cyclist.

He is the first Tatarstan member of our Fellowship Cycling to Serve !

He participated in various tours in Russia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Holland, Cuba and many other countries.

In the XXI century, humanity has faced a number of challenges caused by tension in international relations, lack of mutual understanding between people of different nationalities and religions.

Such global issues as environmental preservation, social stratification, and deterioration of physical and mental health of the population have significantly worsened in most of the countries of the world.

The project “Global Bike Tour of Peace and Goodwill” aims to show some new opportunities to address the urgent issues of humanity and environment.

Goals of the “Global Bike Tour”
What we expect from the project
Offer to our partners

Our FCS President modestly took part to that Tour on the 7th of July by joining Ildus on his southwestern France route.