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MPreis supports End Polio Now and Raamspolio in Austria

Team Rotary Raams Polio will also race again in 2019 for Race Across America to raise funds for End Polio.

This year MPreis has agreed to carry out its Christmas donation campaign in favor of End Polio.

The Tyrolean supermarket chain Mpreis has just launched its Christmas carrier bag campaign in favor of the End Polio Now campaign.

In all MPreis stores there are now end polio carrier bags. The total proceeds from their sale will be donated.

In addition, Mpreis donates one Euro per new Facebook / Instagram fan:

“Becoming an MPREIS fan now! We are donating € 1 per Facebook and Instagram fan to the Rotary Foundation’s EndPolioNow campaign to eradicate polio, in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF. ”

It would be nice if as many Likes as possible come together. Please just click on “Like” on the Facebook page of Mpreis and also like to refer friends and acquaintances to this action:

We would very happy if you support the project

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